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Owen Jones- 28 year old author of ‘Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class’, and frequent poster boy of the Left on any BBC program they can squeeze him onto, is a self- confessed ‘…fourth generation socialist’ cunt, son to Trotskyist cunt parents who met as members of Militant cunting Tendency, former trade union lobbying cunt and researcher for the Labour cunting Party.

Despite being born in 1984, the cunt was clear this week that the Falkland Islands war (1982) and The Hillsborough disaster (1989) were all the fault of Margaret Thatcher’s time as PM (1979- 1990).

Strangely, the cunt now lives in London, and not on a council sink estate where he grew up in either Stockport or Sheffield, where the metrosexual, liberal and tolerant residents have been entirely misrepresented, by evil right wing cunts and the meejah, obviously.

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30 thoughts on “Owen Jones

  1. Total cunt. And a Welsh cunt as well. Needs his face smashed repeatedly into a brick wall until blood squits out of those cunty little ears. Then stomped on with hob nail boots. After that I’d like to burn him.

  2. Well done dear boy. Your cunt cunted and kebabed.

    Cuntlets like young sheep shagger Jones and his ilk, spawn of the uni-socialist proletariat (Marxist Leninist) theoryocracy are never had a proper job wankers. In my day have aimed kicks at the goolies of proper old school commie cunts. Stalinists have tasted the Stoke toecaps. Now they were rum coves. Took a hernia as a badge of honour. Now all cut orf at the knees following the collapse of the evil empire of course. Fuck ’em.

    Point is the curent crop are more pernicious cunts. The more you stomp ’em the more they grow. Only solution is to take a flame thrower to ’em. That would make the commie metrocunts at the BBC step aside – permanently.

  3. Owen Jones is a cunt to end all cunts. The article mentions sink estates where he grew up in Stockport, however, in his SK7 locale (Bramhall – one of the more affluent areas) there are none.

    What makes him a cunt in my eyes is he talks about the place like he grew up in the Bronx. If you listen to him talk (it’s difficult, I know), his accent drifts between Lord Snooty and the adenoidal whine of that other cunt Terry Christian, which he puts on to make himself sound working class. No cunt from Bramhall talks with a Salford accent – they make the queen sound like Liam fucking Gallagher.

    I am working class. I grew up in Manchester, the son of a sheet metal worker and a barmaid. I went to a comprehensive school and then did an electrical apprenticeship. If you were born to Lord and Lady Poshington-Smythe, went to Eton and then an Oxbridge college – great, I do not begrudge you. I do not live in poverty, I do not claim benefits, I certainly do not vote Labour and I’m happy with my lot. Out of everyone I was at school with, everybody I can think of is managing fine without food-banks and DLA payments.

    This cunt views himself as some sort of saviour of the working classes but I have news for him: we can manage without his intervention. The vermin he is always sticking up for are probably hated more by the working classes than any former member of the Bullingdon Club.

    Jones is nothing but a dole-scum apologist cunt with a chip on his shoulder about being middle class. He is a patronising twat and can cunt off, the cunting cunter.

  4. That was a cunt of a fantastic answer and I agree whole heartedly he does think he is the mouthpiece of the working class

    What a cunt

  5. I found this page after watching Question Time and typing into google ‘Why is Owen Jones such a cunt?’ I was searching for answers. Everything he says is magic in much the way everything Saville touched turned to gold. It’s edifying to know that even though everyone I like and love will die mortality is worth it because so will he. Jizz rag.

  6. A lefty, Oxford Educated and a shirt lifter, fucking hang this cunt now!

  7. I googled “Owen Jones twat” and this was top of the list. I apologise wholeheartedly. Twat is clearly not a strong enough term. Henceforth he shall only be thought of as Owen Jones cunt.

  8. Owen Jones is a genuine fucking cunt because he is an enemy of freedom. OJ wants to deny people the freedom to add value to other people’s lives. Because if you do try to make money by adding value to society, Owen Jones and his granddad Jeremiah Corbyn will set out to stop you. They will tax you into oblivion. They will make whatever it is you are doing illegal, because you are a threat to “equality”. These people are totalitarians who have learned nothing from history. Cunts. Freedom is more important than equality, period. What is the point of equality if we are not allowed to live freely? These dangerous cunts need to be stopped.

  9. Owen Jones is synonymous with the female reproductive organs as a result of his sophistry. With his apparent openness and fake equanimity he seeks to entice the expressions of foreign elements with the sole aim of extracting a response which he can then gestate and reform within his own image.

  10. Oh joy, the cuntiness of cuntsville Owen was back on the Beeb for Newsnight this week.

    Nice stern (and no doubt searchingly analytical) frown upon his ugly mug and a good stare at the camera to start with – “he’s no fool – he’s the king of cool!” Twiddling of the thumbs while we prepare to bask in his cuntishness, and a bit of fumbling around trying to rest his cunty arms on a chair with no arms! What a fucking cunt! What a stupid fucking cunt.

    Then he starts to speak. Oh dear. The speed with which he dug his hole as being a total and utter fucking cunt was quite astonishing.

    “I” said this, “I” thought that, about past events. Yeah, we can read the past too, you daft cunt.

    No, cunt. You’re a cunt. You don’t need to speak to fulfill your destiny – you are a cunt.

    Long may the cunt languish at the bottom of the deep hole of cuntishment that the cunt has dug for his cuntself.

    What a fucking cunt.

  11. Cunt should be wrapped in cellotape and thrown of a cliff. I hope he is out late one night and the very scum he is an apologist for relieves him of his wallet, watch, phone and the ability to walk and talk shit. Then the lefty miserable shitbag might have a slight inkling as to why the rest of us despise chavs. In the words of the late great Dudley More,
    What A Cunt!

  12. Just seen this fucking muppet throwing his teddy out of his pram on Sky
    Press Review, because he was’nt allowed to dominate the conversation,
    regarding the Florida massacre.
    He would’nt be reasoned with, & unclipped his mic & fucked off.
    Why do they invite cunts like him on their reviews?

  13. Hope the cunts at Sky cancel the cunt’s no doubt lucrative contract to appear late at night and lecture normal cunts like me about why cunts like him are so spesshull because they like to do other cunts not up the cunt.

  14. Someone needs to chin the hypocritical, gobby little cunt. Let’s help him storm off our TV sets permanently.
    He claims to be ‘for the people’ and represents the working man. Yeah right. With his Cheshire upbringing and Cambridge degree he’s practically a fucking miner. The cunt.

  15. Some journalist when the cunt has a hissy fit and pretends to have a monopoly in gay pain and fucks off the set in a camp fashion!

    He can go back to his original job – a dildo tester!

    The cunt is a cunt’s cunt! He is some cunt!

  16. Sky Press Reviewers are traditionally jumped up fucking socialist harpies, with
    histories of allowance fiddling of their MP’s allowances, financing hubby’s porn,
    or ‘ splitting with their husband’ until the fuss about their criminal activities died
    Why these tossers should be given air time to spout their stupid fucking views,
    is questionable , & especially borderline criminal cunts.
    Jonah is just another of these twats that Sky keeps inviting on their Press Review/
    Why don’t they get some real’people’ on their programme, & how much do they
    pay these fucking idiots?……Jonah, should be at home in bed at this late hour
    cuddling his teddy bear anyway!

  17. Their are some faces no matter how hard and how many times, you would never get tired of hitting.

    • Amazing at how consistent the hate for owen jones is He only has 2 cuntings but still gets multiple page views a day

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