Ann Barnes & Paris Brown


A Police and Crime Commissioner who campaigned against the introduction of PCCs and then stood for the job. A token yoof PCC used as an election gimmick.

One too thick to keep her mouth shut and the other too thick to check Twitter and Farcebook before giving her the job.

Ann Barnes and Paris Brown – a pair of totally unfit-for-purpose cunts.

Nominated by : Dioclese with h/t to Humph

2 thoughts on “Ann Barnes & Paris Brown

  1. Most urgent re: Miss Paris Brown.

    The dear young lady feels unfairly cunted and I have promised to use my good offices to help remedy the situation by doing what I can to allow her the right to reply. May I state that I find her sense of outrage perfectly justified. She vouchsafed the following to me in the car park behind Sainsbury’s:

    “It’s cos I’m a ginger innit. Fuckin’ descriminashun. It aint my fault I got a ginger minge. I’ve ‘ad all sorts up there – I’ve ‘ad that Rolf Harris, that mate of Jimmy Savill wasis name…oh and some ol’ cunt calls ‘isself Dioclese sniffin’ arahnd up there to name a few. That last ol’ cunt he goes like you wont feel nuffink darlin’ I’ll give it the once over in me professional capacity as I’m always on the eyeout for cunts. Well fairplay I never did feel nuffink but I do fink it was more on account he aint got nuffink.

    Well I fought that was a bit of a liberty an’ fought I might be due some compo if I play me cards right so I went dahn the old bill. All they done is shag me and go like we can’t do nuffink cos your minge has been designated a PSA (Public Sex Area) and gimme a sodin’ leaflet abaht it. My minge looks nuffink like the car park back of Lidle’s. Fuckin’ liberty.

    Well upwards an’ onwards innit. Since I bin on the telly the British Council’s gimme a job as an Ambassador for English as a Forin Languidge. Some poof cunt there goes here’s fifty grand cos you speak English like a forin languidge. Dead cool innit.”

  2. Well what is the fucking cunting point? A fucking blatant PR exercise that is cunting futile. As if fucking tax payers money isn’t squandered on daft cunts as it is. Makes me mad. Fuck she’s not even attractive. C’mon if we need an ambassador for this shit then I demand a cunting half decent cunt with big tits. Anyway, she looks a bit like a witch. And what do we do to cunting witches, we burn the cunts! Burn the cunt, burn the cunt……

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