My cunty son lives in Australia and hates them fucking Abos. For you cunty northern hemicunts, der Abos are Asylum seekers that came to Australia two thousand years ago. Australian border control is fucking shit.

And when did illegal immigrants become ‘Asylum seekers’ anyway? Them black cunts are really black and stand on one leg, or is that fuzzy wuzzy cunts; can’t tell the fucking difference. But their kids are blond- what der fuck?

Anyway, they still get pissed all the time and piss their pants in the middle of the street in the middle of the day. Should send these black Abo cunts back to Abocuntland. Or burn them. How do you get a Abo women pregnant? You come on her foot and let the flies do the work. Black Abo cunts.

Nominated by : Flaxen Saxon

3 thoughts on “Aboriginals

  1. Remember those TV ads for Fosters the fake Australian lager with that dried out dingo cunt Paul Hogan? ” The golden nectar. Ah ripper – tastes like an abbo pissing on yer tongue,” How true. Golden rain can taste like that.

    But to be fair donchano the only reason these true indigenous people have yet to be integrated is that they are too ugly to fuck.

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