Footballers? Footballers! Don’t start me on that bunch of useless, overpaid prima donna cunts who get paid obscene amounts of dosh to sit on a fucking bench for a million quid a month and occasionally get up and kick a bit of fucking pig skin around a bit of grass in front of a load of brain dead fucking cunts with more money than sense at those prices!!

And the fucking pig skin is fake plastic these days because we don’t want the poor little delicate darlings to hurt themselves by kicking a real fucking football, do we?

Apparently, Man U – whoever they are – got knocked out of a competition the other week by some bunch of foreign cunts who just happened to kick the ball better then they did.

Big fucking deal! Who fucking cares! No cunt of any importance that’s for sure! I’m glad they lost. Fuck ‘em! Get over it…..

Nominated by : Dioclese

5 thoughts on “Footballers

  1. Ah but football is a financial product dear boys. All that grunt and sweat and blind faith of the common tribal football punter is monitized by the system and delivered to the bank accounts of the Russian Mafia Oligarchs that contol it. Sport has little to do with it when vast sums of money are in play. Give me a good fixed match any day – so long as I am in the fix.

  2. footballers. footballers. footballers. there is nothing that i love more than watching these overpaid wankers dive around a fucking field! appealing cuntish cunts of cuntworth! the tooth fairy probably acts less of a fairy than those cunting fairies. and some of my cuntish mates from school argue with me saying its a great sport, well them cunts are nearly as cunty as the cunting players, fucking cunts! if it wasn’t for that cunting game they would probably end up somewhere like fucking mc donnalds they are all thick as pig shite. sport like: tennis, badminton, squash and cricket have more contact than those cunters. bring back the death penalty is what i say! rugby is a real sport atleast they actually do some work! you know what i hate the most out of em all? cunting scouse footballers. “yeh, you know, i played well today, you know, errr, we couldnt have done it without the other guys, you know, err, err, err, you know, i like my chickkkken and bacccon, you know, err.” bunch of cunts they all are!

    i would like to mention in the wider picture that you are all a bunch of over paid dick sucking thick CUNTTSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

    please feel free to comment and add anything i have missed.

    a load of CUNTS thats what they are.


  3. i agree with billy,they are fuckin cunts,every cuntin one of them.Cunt’s.Total cunt’s,all of em.They should be covered in spunk cos that’s the best thing to do to a cunt.Fuckin shit eatin cunt’s,wankers,cunty cunters,CUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. All pro footballers are wankers-useless waste of space- get e proper job- Cunts ,one and all – how the fuck do they ever deserve that amount of money- yet England can’t even beat 3rd- 4th -5th rate nations ? Fuck off- waste of life – ABSOLUTE wankers……………….CUNTS….

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