Alan Titchmarsh


Alan Titchmarsh is a daft, old, granny heart-stealing, flower obsessed short-arsed little soft-spoken green fingered twat who has shat all over television for too long.

How he has avoided a cunting I’ll never know. Cunt.

Nominated by : Cunt Discoverer

9 thoughts on “Alan Titchmarsh

  1. Tithead is a real cunt, what did that cunt ever do apart from being a cunt? Id like to see the cunt burried in his own cunting garden.

    • If you’d like to elaborate, we’d be happy to publish it – although I have to say I sort of agree with your sentiments…

  2. Supercilious cunt, indeed! Self-righteous retard, yet thinks he knows everything and will often give his misinformed opinions on stuff he knows f’ all about when a TV camera is in front of his boss eyed face. As for being an old granny heart-stealer – Titmarsh IS an old granny. Cunt!

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