Dead Pool [4]

We have a winner!

The Dead Pool 3 has been won by Dioclese [a-fucking-gain]
who correctly guessed the next cunt to kick the cunting bucket
… therefore becoming a dead cunt.

Here’s his winning nomination :

This one could be too easy really –
but while we’re on a roll with Libyan bastards,
I nominate the Lockerbie bomber,
Abdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi.

Well done!
You have successfully defended your title of  Dead Pool Champion.
Two in a row eh … you’re not killing the cunts yerself by any chance?

Right then!
The slate has been wiped clean and everyone gets to pick
a new ‘dead cunt walking’ as we move on to The Dead Pool 4.
No rule changes but in case you’re new to the world of
predicting bucket kicking cunts, here’s a refresher:

1. Nominate who you think is next on the way out.
One Cunt each. Leave names in the Comments.

2. You win if your Cunt dies first.
Then the slate is wiped clean and everyone picks another one,
so my top tip is to be quick off the mark and
steal someone else’s dead cunt candidate from the last Dead Pool.

Any cunt who tries to cheat by nominating the World’s Oldest Man or Woman is a cunt and will be ignored. The winner gets a dedicated Dead Pool Champion post and kudos of cuntishness aplenty. Oh, and the usual “Our Blog Our Rules” thing applies.

46 thoughts on “Dead Pool [4]

  1. Robin Gibb will be the next cunt to die (I’ve been trying to post this for five days – what’s wrong with your comment system?)

  2. Well, having wone it twice n a row, here’s the next dead cunt : Erich Priebke.

    “Who the fuck is he?” I hear you asking. Well, Erich Priebke (born July 29, 1913) is a former Hauptsturmführer (Captain) in the Waffen SS. In 1996 he was convicted of war crimes in Italy, for participating in the massacre at the Ardeatine caves in Rome, on March 24, 1944. 335 Italian civilians were killed there in retaliation after a partisan attack had claimed the lives of 33 German soldiers (an SS military police battalion from South Tyrol). Priebke was one of those who was held responsible for this mass execution. After the defeat of Nazi Germany, he got help to flee to Argentina where he lived for over 50 years.

    Definitely a cunt, and at the age of 99 quite possibly the next dead cunt!!

    • Ve put ziss dioclese cunt on Ze Fuhrer’s list ja. Liebe Erich ist ein super boy. He is always so polite to his Fuhrer mit ein schone tight arsh jawohl. Ziss dioclese kinder fucker he know nothing. Old Nazis zey never die zey only smell zat vay (of stale gas ja) und zey own Rolls Royce and Bentley und your lectric und gas und Aldi und Liedl und alles you kleiner madchen shagger. Zo zuck on zat you bleeding liberal cunt.

    • He still looks a sprightly cunt to me, the result of fifty years goose-stepping down to the shops every day no doubt.
      I’m going for Bob Mugabe, he’s had a couple of health scares recently so fingers crossed he succumbs to something a bit more terminal.

  3. Can’t let Dioclese have all the fun, so I’m going to nominate the great train robber, Ronnie Biggs. He’s been on his death bed for so long I reckon he’s trying to beat Megrahi’s ‘compassionate release con’ record!

  4. Trappatoni.
    That’ll make the Euro2012 a bit more interesting. He, of course, is a total cunt because he has picked the despicable cunt of the year (as previously nominated) James McClean in his Republic of Ireland squad.

  5. No – definitely not killing them myself otherwise there would be a definite shortage of celebs and politicians!

    I am considering my guest post….

  6. Where are the FEMcunts, the femiNAZI man-hating CUNTS? Femcunts destroy mens’ lives and civil liberties.

  7. Yawn Fuck Yawn get your fingers out of little Thai boys pants and start cunting the nominated cunts you old cheese cocks. This blog is dying and ready to join the Dead Cunt Pool. I can smell you decrepit old cunts in there already.

    • Break in the Bride you cunt, unless its a Muzzie child bride,a pound to a piece of shit All Seeing Eye’s bride was broken in by her priest when he was playing with her hymen on his organ

    • Wishing you a felicitous wedding dear boy and I remain on standbye to break in the bride. I have laid down some of my best genes in a bottle in the fridge should you wish to improve the blood line.

    • Thanks but everything is now organised – traditionally the Best Man has first refusal so there’s a queue.

      The Master of Ceremonies has also volunteered and also most of the regulars at our local pub.

      Your dedication to duty is noted though and much appreciated. Hat tip.

    • No matter dear boy. The filly had first refusal but I shall put my silver elixir on ebay. Off to take the photos. Tootal pip!

  8. We put ziss dioclese cunt on Ze Fuhrer’s list ja. Liebe Erich ist ein super boy. He is always so polite to his Fuhrer mit ein schone tight arsh jawohl. Ziss dioclese kinder fucker he know nothing. Old Nazis zey never die zey only smell that way (of stale gas) und zey are fine men und proud of zis you kleiner madchen shagger.

  9. Dioclese you are a major cunt, Megrahi is not the Lockerbie bomber, Iran wanted revenge for the downing one of it’s airliners full of pilgrims by the US navy, the contract was given to the Syrians, who as we know are bloodthirsty monsters.

  10. The old hammer horror fang fucker and embalmed actor Christopher Lee is the next Dead Cunt or in his case Undead Cunt. A 6’5″ decrepit Dracula last seen with a Sore-on in Lord of The Rings.

  11. From :- Ashtrayhead

    Mick Philpott. I reckon he’ll get shanked inside. Or his missus.

  12. Further on actors corpsing for the Dead Cunts Pool 4 I nominate Christopher Lee, Lord Luvvy Dickie Attenborough and how come the cunt is still alive Peter O’Toole.

  13. Obscene grovelling apologies cunting fraternity. Shot me bolt a bit with a multiple nomination. Too many sherberts on board to read most explicit instructions. Pity three fucked Lulus there but I shall stick to old death breath Chris Lee singular.

  14. Bruce Forsyth, mark my words.

    Whoever runs The Royal Channel on Youtube is a lazy cunt; I had to get pissed up yesterday afternoon and so, through no fault of my own, entirely missed the Jubilee River Pageant.

    Is the entire 1h 30mins up yet? No it fucking isn’t, 12 hours later. Whoever is responsible is probably bumming a footman while wasted on cocain at my expense.

    Come on The Queen, identify the miscreant culprit and do a ‘Di & Doddi’ on him.

  15. Like I said the next dead cunt has got to be The Duke of Edinborough

  16. Hold on for fuck sake. I wanted to nominate that old twat with the bladder problem the Duke of EDINBURGH (get your spelling right assholes). Although, at the time of writing I’m pretty certain he’s already brown bread and Der Queen’s keeping quiet so as not to spoil all the anachronistic jubilee flag waving like a twat bullshit.

  17. Clive Dunn 92 not out but has to pop his clogs soon for fucks sake

  18. It is my pleasure to spell it the English way Edinborough because it annoys the jockos. Edinboro is even cooler. Have a nice day cunt.

  19. I think Phil the Greek is next. He looked a bit ropey at the Jubilee and is now 91.
    Sorry Phil gonna miss your 1 liners as well.

  20. Old cunts never die, they only smell thst way. Just to remind you cunts that the Dook of Edinboro has already been nominated by my goodself. Unfortunately it now looks like his rt royal cuntship is too much of a cunt to do the decent thing and is recovering fuck it. Not standing down his honour guard of vultures just yet though.

  21. Joan Collins deserves to die soon. She is a smarmy, cheap, arrogant and senile bitchcunt. On top of that she looks dead and should be buried alive anyway.

  22. Seems I might have to change my nomination to Hosne Mubarrack as the former Egyptian dictator appears ready to do anything rather than go to jail – including dying!!!

  23. I nominate David Murray former messiah turned uber cunt at Glasgow Rangers. The cunt should die of shame!! dont think it will take too long (hopefully!)

  24. Just to remind you cunts that I bagged the Dook of Edinboro the the second he failed to piss during the jubilee pageant. Now he is back in hospital again it cannot be long before he catches a superbug and departs this cruel world. Although it looks like the whole site is the next dead cunt walking.

    • Sir Stoke, surely the duke has already expired and gone to royal cunt heaven. Didn’t his bladder explode showering the peasantry with blue urine. Perhaps not. I might be confusing him with Arthur Askey. However, Mr Askey’s bladder didn’t explode, but his legs did fall off. As he wasn’t a big man this would hinder him somewhat in the height department. Also he wore big glasses was really a very unfunny cunt.

  25. ian brady is my nomination, unless some cunt wants to steal him on the thin pretext that “he posted anonymously so it doesn’t count” like they did with gadaffi, cunt.

  26. I nominate Arthur Askey. The unfunny legless cunt without a leg to stand on. Oh fuck, he’s already dead. Still a cunt though. Anyway, I also nominate Gok the Gook. I think he will die soon as he is a ‘bandit of the arse’ and therefore is likely to catch a nasty disease due to putting his winky up other men’s bottoms and not into cunts, as nature intended.

  27. Anyway, it seems to me that the cunt ‘Gok the Gook’ should die soon, cos he puts his willy up other mens arses. Now that can’t be healthy. Also he is a gook and my father (if was still alive) would shoot the cunt. After all, that is what he did in the Korean war until the Americans dropped napalm on him. There can’t be anything worse than a homosexual gook. Otherwise I would nominate Arthur Askey, a very unfunny cunt, but he is already dead after his legs fell off. Legless cunt.

  28. Surely the most vile cunt around with a head the size of a concrete lorry is George Galloway.

  29. niaomi watts is a right fucking cunt. With her gormless as fuck air headed acting.
    Go shove your cunting head up your arse and suffercate on the shit that is you………and then fuck off

  30. Clive Fucking Dunn is DEAD Hooorah I win you fucking Cunts. Get it sorted you lazy fucking bastards

  31. The following are cunts and anyone who disagrees are also cunts:

    English football team
    Conservative party
    Conservative party supporters
    Conservative party activists
    Conservative party voters

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