Phil Parkinson

Phil Parkinson the Bradford City football manager is a cunt of highest order.

He doesn’t know his arse from his elbow, he drops players who are in form and brings in his own cunts who aren’t up to the job.
He talks a constant stream of bullshit which most people seem to be taken in by but not me.
He’s that full of shit one day he’s going to burst.

It won’t be pretty.

Nominated by Andy U

37 thoughts on “Phil Parkinson

  1. He manages Bradford City. Course he’s a cunt, you don’t need to spell it out.

  2. Al Qaeda has threatened that if Abu Hamza (another complete cunt) is handed over to Jordan then they will “open the door of evil” on Brits.

    Really? Bizarre and silly threats, that’s what you’re down to?

    What a bunch of utter, utter cunts.

    At least the paddies used to blow stuff up regularly.

    • Yeah, we nominate Al Qaeda as well. Like most groups their first hit was the best and then they went a bit shite.

  3. Poor Abu Hamza,cant have a decent wank and one eye,how sad, I think the cunt should have a good toss off,, let the Archbishop Canterbury do the honours, the cunt.

  4. Profitable Plots are a bunch of cunts. They sold useless greenbelt land to Asians in the UK and Asia, pretended to buy Newcastle United for some free press, and now all the money has gone and the directors have been arrested.

    • Suppose if you can’t call Bexley Cuntsill a cunt you can always call them “stills”; ie Still A cunt a la Bennies on The Falklands.

    • Someone else on here who also knows what a Still is?

      Banned, I always respected you hugely but you’ve gone up even a further notch in my book.

      Top bloke.

    • ASE – Soldiers in the Falklands were told off for calling the locals Bennies (as in thick cunt on Crossroads). So now it’s Stills (still a Benny).

  5. Keith Lemon is a fat moustached unfunny fat over-rated camp cunt of the highest order of cuntitude

    • I must point out to young cunt that Keith Lemon is just a pseudonym for Leigh Francis, a crap actor and low grade cunt. A cunting should always be accomplished with accuracy dear boy.

  6. To get back on topic football managers are by definition cunts. They are all failed players and wankers. Had a few sherberts with Malcolm Allison in his ratty fur coat and can confirm the coefficient of cunt the man had. Part of the job description.

  7. Alan Titchmarsh is a daft, old, granny heart-stealing, flower obsessed short-arsed little soft-spoken green fingered twat who has shat all over television for too long. How he has avoided a cunting I’ll never know. Cunt.

  8. Alex Zane who fronts Cunt Tube is a pasty faced kiddy fumbler with arse wipe hair who wears shiney “cool” three button suits the ironic sneering talantless wanker. Running out of ideas for your crap list show dildo? Stick a camera down your designer trousers, post the video on UTube and you’ll win smallest cock on the web.

  9. About time this follically endowed northern twat got a good cunting! I pray he’s in line for some serious male pattern baldness the preening narcissistic vertically challenged turd burglar!


    Did I say it was going to get catastrophically warmer? Ooops! And now you have demonised CO2 , have built all those windmills and shut down all those coal plants , buggered food production with biodiesel and ethanol and generally gone a long way towards completely fucking your economy and energy policy and increased energy bills for everyone?

    Deary Me! Sorry about that! It turns out I did not have a fucking clue what I was talking about!

    Still, I am a lovely old man, aren’t I?

    No, James Lovelock, you are fucking mad old gimmer of a cunt.

  11. “Margaret Moran, the former Labour MP accused of falsely claiming £80,000 in expenses, has been found ‘unfit to plead’ after a court heard she felt ‘suicidal’ after being ‘abandoned’ by the Labour party.”

    Aye, right, so let the demented fat cunt slit her own throat before I do it for her, the thieving sluttish cunt that she is. We still haven’t had the money back she stole from the public purse. Cunt.

  12. Totally agree. Even if she is unfit, the cuntbitch should still be sued for civil recovery, which might imply seizing her house and selling it.

    And if she then commits suicide, GOOD. Sreves her right.

  13. Two hairy fat camp geordie food poisoners who can out-shite an indian takeaway.They bring a whole new meaning to newcastle brown. Time to cunt the hairy bikers. On the subject of shite which of the camp duo does the steering and who rides pillion? How did your pubic hair get into the mayo? After you with the goose grease dude.

  14. Crap camp cunt comedian Simon Anstel is well overdue for a cunting. Currently stinking out Grandma’s House this is another no talent comedian who thinks he can act. Jewish, gay and with a face like a horse’s dick, still the man has no ability or material to make us laugh. I hate the permed cunt.

  15. Victoria Derbyshire is a disingenuous, reductio-ad-absurdum-is-my-only-argument, arrogant, bubble-living, your-license-fee-pays-for-my-bias-and-jet-to-Salford, deliberately blind, Nanny State, self-righteous cunt. At your expense.

  16. Thank fuck that cow Rebekah Brooks and her husband have been charged with perverting the course of justice 3 counts….. now lets just wait and see what the sentence is ! will it be another Jeffrey Archer ?…cushy prison sentence and staight back to where the left off ????????

  17. From HurlingDervish

    Jerry Atrick15 May 2012 10:59-

    I bet that didn’t stop you buying the Sun/Times though did it? you cunt!


    I haven’t been around these parts for a while, so I’d quite like to nominate internet music ‘blogs’ although that’s misleading because most of these cunts are corporate cunts anyway, feeding and sucking deep on hipster wankboy dick, fucking week in, week out. Writers too up their own arseholes to say anything controversial and taking up the bumhole from whatever skanky fucking record label happens to let them in free on the guest list of their gigs/nights/clubs etc.
    Fucking plagiaristic fucking konbhounds the lot of ’em. Cunts!

  18. For HurlingDervish…..For your information I have never read The Sun or The Times in my life !!!I personally think you just make shitty comments because your LONELY and have fucking nothing else to do with your life……etc,etc,etc ….What a sad , lonely,shithead you sound like !!!!!

  19. Hurling Dervish……And It wasn’t The Sun and The TIMES you thick prick ! It was The Sun and The news of the world !! that in itself shows you don’t know what the fuck your writing about !!!!

  20. What’s up isacunts? This blog reeks with the smell of old dead cunt all over it. Get your dicks back from Thailand and do some cunting you lazy twats. I need fresh cunt.

  21. Can someone please tell MR CUNTSNIFFER to shut the fuck up and give everybody a fucking rest, He’s like a kid in a sweet store, maybe He’s just found this sight, that’s anybody’s guess!!!…..But for fucksake give us all a rest!!!! etc,etc,etc,etc,etc !!!!!!!

  22. Mr ANNON,
    May i suggest you retard your comments in telling everyone to be quiet, and think of a proper name for yourself. You obviously commented on Fearne Cotton first as it is the same comment, just a fuller version! So may i suggest you de-stress a little and keep your hair on, if indeed you have any? go have some Puddin and relax!

  23. Gary Fucking Barlow, Cunt.
    Once a shite singer in a group of wankers called Fuck That (or something similar) now the chief toady and arse licking Cunt in charge of the Burger Van at the Queens Jubilee Concert for fucks sake.
    Like the fucking Queen gives a shit about the square headed jug lugged slimy turdcunt Barlow and his wanky crooners.

  24. From Hurling Dervish.

    Dear Jerry Atrick

    Just because you want to suck deep of the corporate dick, doesn’t excuse the fact you
    a) don’t have a ‘lady friend’ or wife (perhaps a ladyboy almost certainly) and
    b) any parents either you fucking pond life.
    Fuck off back to reading the sun you sad middle class BMW driving white van man cunt!!.
    Also, the fact it took you two posts to reply to my retort you wanker, means you must have used up that single brain cell rattling round like a lonely fucking pea in that oversized and vacuous Herman Munster shaped cranium of yours.
    And just for your info, I have been here long before you showed up with your runny dribbling snot infested nose, crying for mummy when ‘the other boys/girls don’t play fair’
    Go back to your wanker IPad, and think of a decent reply this time from the comfort of your Stanna stairlift, I’ll expect it by 2025 because your retarded intellect won’t cope at warp factor 12.
    Dribbly dozy doozy fucking Cunt.
    Oh, by the way, check your fucking punctuation spacing, it’s shit and belies your twattishness dear boy.

  25. Dominic Littlewood; short arsed, smug, slap headed pain in the fucking arse type of cunt.
    Champion of the fuckwitted Mongs and Greedy fucking Bastards amongst us; Like a dwarf white knight on a fucking Donkey he trots to the rescue showering us in his puerile ramblings, get to fuck you annoying Cunt

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