5 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch [3]

  1. How I hate the old kangeroo cock sucker. The sick pervo abbo tosser. Turned up at the parliamentary hearings pretending a gross mixture of humility and dementia. Got away with it ready to screw us all again. Hate his comic newspaper the Daily Cunt. Hate his TV BCuntB and The News of the Cunt. Yet Cameron and Clegg still give him a tongue fuck as would any cunt cunted on this site. Murdoch you spawn cunts.

  2. I like ziss man. I vish I had him vork for me in ze good old days. Ve make good propaganda together. And I let him suck me off. Zat Goebbels he had his limitations you understand me. Ach mein Joey, you ver a naughty boy but Rupey he go all ze way.

  3. Ginger minge is in the shit, but its dingo Rupert who should be facing the organgrinder, but he is such a cowardly cunt, he even hid behind slitty eyes, and that cunt of a son I would like to put my hand up his arse.

  4. This Old Fuck Needs a Revival Cunting, I see he is looking at a total take over of sky, now it can save him a few quid. he already steers the opinions of 70 % of the world for favours to satisfy is greed for world domination as the supreme controller.
    But what makes him a Batch Cunt, is Jerry hall ok I can see why a prune faced cunt like him would wann’a shag her even after Jagger, but wake up ffs take a leaf out of some of the fuckers you steer into power, and get some fresh face vibrant dirty corrupt bitch, so we can at least look at mug shots and say I would an all..
    Just to further enforce that when your a media Mogul you can have what ever you like written, some of the comments about Jerry hall at the absolutely fab film release were.

    “Jerry oozed glamour as she poured her shapely curves into a gold midi dress, which drew attention to her youthful decolletage with a ladylike draped-neckline.”
    I would splatter more examples here , but for knowing that only reading a few of the picture captions nearly made me fucking vomit.

    She’s 59 FFS
    NO NO Fuck here’s a link, to the sort of shit people have to read so that old fuck can get a face sitting from her crusty edged wet lettuce.


    Has any one told him she’s only doing him because old cunt is on his last legs and Jagge’rs cash has been totally used up on plastic and flap tightening surgery.

    Using his media influence over half the planet for political steering to mould the masses ok I get it’s all about power corruption, but there’s a limit when he’s
    1, married to her
    2, is as rich as fuck and can afford to buy a harem when ever he likes ,
    3, has politicians and governments in his pocket,
    4, can steer the fait of the word.

    But use his power so his newly wed gold digger will try and get him up after taking so much Viagra Heffner is on rations. NO you CUNT Enough Enough !

  5. Murdoch is a thick as a Gurkas foreskin . And his cunting Balaclava model of a wife needs to back comb her leather face into the next millennium. I really do hate both these cunts . It’s ok i have a open box so fuck you ,You Australian dingo shagging fucktard . Even Rolph Peado Harris wouldn’t Tongue punch his missus . Mainly because she is 57 admittedly however he truly should be given to the people like Saddam or Gadaffi … Can we start a go fund me for this cunt ??

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