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    • He is a total cunt. He once told my mate to fuck off in the imperial arcade, Huddersfield when we were walking through after school and he was appearing at some shitty municipal theatre that night.

      all my mate said was “hey jimmy you fuckin’ glasgee cunt!”

    • Corby the Northerner is a stupid ignorant cunt since no one from Glasgow would ever refer to it as “Glasgee” FFS what a mong cunt he must be. Its “Glesga” you twat !

  1. I can’t believe that cunt Jonathan Woss is not on here? what a total why the fuck do you get paid so much money when you are a fuckin smug talentless speech impedimented shite cunt who has never conducted an even remotely interesting interview cos you need to take centre stage with purile jokes cunt of a cunt… what a cunt

  2. MPs are all cunts worthy of a total cunting and being literally branded across the forehead as CUNTS of the lowest most smegmatic order.

  3. C J de Mooi -from the UK quizshow Eggsheads. He has the smuggest face on record. Read his wiki entry. this is the only living thing i could kill guiltlessly. Utter Cunt.

    • Oh yes, how he has escaped a good cunting is beyond me. Not only him, and perhaps I should feel guilty about thinking such a thing about a little old lady, but that Daphne also brings about feelings of murderous rage in me. Perhaps they should change the name of the programme to Smugheads, Eggybastards, Smugbastards, Cuntheads…….anything along those lines would do.

    • Arrrghhh! Cj de cunt!!! Utter fucking wanker of a cunt, I would do the fucker in with a hammer then drag his fucked up corpse nationwide too highlight what a cunt he really was!!! What a cunt!!

  4. The entire fucking cast of Eggheads are smart arse cunts, from smug not as clever as he thinks he is CJ arse bandit; Daphne the annoying old cunt; Kevin the clever cunt; The Scraggy old Harridan Judith Krappel and the Fat trampy old geezer type cunt whose name I have forgotton.
    I would happily set fire to the lot of them, Cunts.

  5. James McClean, new found wonderboy at Sunderland is a contemptible cunt.
    Happy to play for Northern Ireland at underage level, and avail of the opportunities to put himself in the shop window, this hateful little bollocks of a cunt gets his break and jumps ship to the Republic of Ireland.
    ..then abuses the IFA and the NI fans.
    Fuck you, McClean, you slimy cunting load of dogshit.

    James in the kit he happily wore before he discovered his new found love for another country.

  6. I would like to publicly cunt the actor (meh) formerly known as Madonna’s leech, Sean Penn. It’s seems that Penn has declared himself a staunch ally of El Chupacabra, and is demanding that Britain negotiate the return of the Falklands and South Georgia to Argentina. That will be difficult, since the Args never owned the Falklands in the fucking first place. Though I can’t really see what it has to do with this cunt anyway.

    The silly cunt couldn’t even pronounce the name of the islands correctly, he used ‘Malvinas’. He also called Britain ‘Colonialist, ludricrous, and archaic’. I assume then that after this outburst, Penn will be calling on Obama to grant Puerto Rico its indepence from American colonialist rule. And Hawaii for that matter. I’d call him a dumb yank, but I happen to be half American, so that’s not gonna happen.

    Now, Penn’s outburst just happens to fall into a category I like to call, ‘none of your fucking business’. I very much doubt that this numbnuts will be volunteering to enlist in the Argentinian army (hah) anytime soon, and he certainly won’t profit from the FALKLANDS. So my only conclusion is that Penn’s outburst is the result of him being a racist cunt. It seems Penn misses having to live inside his former spouses vagina, and has now taken up residence somewhere between El Chupacabra’s uterus and cervix. A bit that like that South American fish in the Amazon. And just as much of a parasite.

    I’ve been looking at dipshit’s filmography. Apart from Taps and Dead Man Walking, his acting career has been almost universally shite. He even did an episode of Little House on the Prairie for fucks sake! I’d be most grateful therefore, if you could cunt this cunt as soon as possible. Both for being a racist cunt who can’t keep his nose out of other people’s business, and for having the acting ability of a spoon. Sean Penn, what a cunt.

  7. Didn’t this Prius driving, gated community living in cunt see himself and his Democrat Party supporting actor ilk getting the piss royally taken by Team America: World Police for fucks sake?! Keep your cunting mouth firmly shut on matters of world politics. My geography isn’t great but i’m pretty sure Guantanamo ain’t on American soil! What a fucktard CUNT!!!

  8. Ali Desaei. Glad this smarmy, lying cunt has been sent back to jail. They should never have let the cunt out in the first place. There might be some justice after all.

    This time don’t let the cunt out

    Big Al

    • Truly a world class cunt of a raghead. Bent as a nine bob note and hides behind his cunting religion so investigators shit themselves in case they’re accused of racism. I hope the twat gets bummed to death on whilst bending over on his prayer mat in prison the fucking cum sponge.

  9. Will Sean Penn also be calling for the citizens of The United States Of America to return their cou try to the Native American tribes ? No will he fuck because he’s a stupd cunt.

  10. I nominate Worlds Fattest Cunt Keith Martin! This total waste of oxygen and nutrition costs you and i £50k a year for round the clock care. The fat twat weighs in at a rather portly 58 stone and hasn’t seen his tiny cock in a decade. Imagine having the onerous task of wiping this blubber mountain’s arse crack after he’s shat out his healthy breakfast of 8 hotdogs and sorting out his bed sores the size of a dinner plate. They probably us a pressure washer on the fat fucker. All his over eating he informs us is because he’s sad that his parents split up when he was young. Fucking boo hoo! He should get rendered down and the tallow created used to heat OAPs homes this winter!

    • At least the bugger’s making an effort to slim down a bit – instead of chocolate biscuits he’s now having, erm……..biscuits (you couldn’t make it up!!!).

  11. I must also second or third or fourth that total cunt Sean Penn.
    1. Hes a fucking leech of a cunt
    2. Hes a fucking ugly cunt
    3. He is clueless about the Falklands cunt
    4. Its none of his business so keep your god shut cunt
    5. He is American so if 1 country has no room to talk about taking land that is not theirs and enslaving people, invading other contries, impossing its will on others its his ………… the hypocrital cunt

    The cunt needs and under cunting

  12. Sean Penn is a gormless,ideas well above his station,millionaire communist,thinks people actually care about the constant stream of shit that comes out of his gob cunt.

  13. I notice that Ben Fogle has never made it to list on here. he fucking well ought to. I’ve just read three lines of an article in the telegraph Mag, looked at the photo of this frigging fob and came straight here to see if he has ever made it. A Notting Hill dwelling, privileged TV historian LABOUR MP. CUNT!

  14. Too many cunts to mention…..but lets start with those two cunts who present the bbc breakfast shit, especially ‘sian williams’ – FUCKING MEGA CUNT!….how annoying is this class obsessed, marks & spencer shopping, bow down to the queen, elocution lessons, bitter faced hag of a cunt!?!?!??!?!! MEGA FUCKING ANNOYING!!! not what you want in the morning….she needs a slap, even that bill turnbull cunt is overshadowed by her cuntishness, and thats saying something! http://ris.fashion.telegraph.co.uk/RichImageService.svc/imagecontent/1/TMG7474590/m/sianwilliams_1599592a.jpg

  15. nominate amanda holden…sick of seeing that hamster faced supercilious cunt all over the papers,”i died for 40 seconds”….didnt take long to recover enough to get back to your slimey fake tv mates,and listening to “how brave you are”..you and the rest of cowell’s arse licking cunts annoy the fuck out of me….arrymonk

  16. I feel compelled to nominate Paul Heiney as a super cunt. This ruddy faced cunt has been getting right up my fucking nose for months. This pompous cunt presents Cuntrywise, he is an out and out cunt. He has the eyebrows that only a cunt could possess and his cuntish remarks never cease to remind me of the colossal cunt that he is. What a CUNT.

  17. Chris Huhne has just claimed £17,000 tax free “severance pay” for having to leave his ministerial post. The cunt. He gets caught lying through his crooked teeth about who drove when and now we have to give him a farewell bung. I hope they jail the cunt and his cunting ex-wife, the ugly cunt, and throw away the key. I hope his ex-wife straps one on and gives it to him up the shiter in the showers every day till his arse bleeds.

  18. Kenny Dalglish is a proper cunt who needs stabbing in his fucking saggy cunt face,
    cunting scottish scouse cunt

    from Liam the Cunt

  19. From Ashtrayhead

    Ken Livinstone. He’s only had one mention so far! We all know that he’s a hypocritical cunt, but now he’s shown himself to be a lying, tax-avoiding, muppet-faced, sperm spreading, punchy, piss-head billywiffle of a cunt.

    • Anonycunt, the fact that Livingstone has only had one cunting on here tells us that in the great scheme of things he is an irrelevant has been of a cunt which will probably annoy the fuck out of him more than a multitude of cuntings would do. For that reason its best to continue to ignore the yesterdays news chip paper cunt and never mention the tax avoiding bastard again.

  20. The Libyan “Rebels” who desecrated War Graves in Benghazi are the most despicable cunts on earth.

    The cunts should be rounded up and shot.

    Our political leaders – Cameron and Hague – who sent our forces to liberate the cunts, are even bigger cunts for expecting a different outcome.

    These cunts should also be rounded up and given shovels and made to sweat in the sun, restoring the graves – they might understand the consequences of their actions, but then again they probably will learn nothing as they are total cunts.

    And the cunts want us to attack Syria and Iran………

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