President Cristina Kirchner

President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina is a scraggy old munter and a jingoistic Argie Cunt.

Like fuck are the Falklands yours you tart; after the Oil now Eh? Away and fuck you sad witch, piss off back to your plastic surgeon and get a fucking refund your skanky Harridan.

Your Tits are fucking wonky as well Bitch!


6 thoughts on “President Cristina Kirchner

  1. like a piece of old frayed rope
    the clue is in the name
    swiss husband top schonheits chirug and a pair of tits at a cost of 1pound 49 a tube at b&q ´s tiling department

  2. I’ve read to today that El Chupacabra has taken offence to the Penguin News on the Falkland Islands naming a folder containing pictures of her ‘Bitch’. I don’t know what the fuck she’s complaining for. The Argies have spent the past 30 years calling us far worse. The fact is, she is a bitch. And she has a face that looks like the world’s first vagina transplant. True to form, like a bunch of schoolgirls, they crying to the UN that the nasty UK has sent one of our brand Harry Spankers destroyers to the falklands. And an attack submarine. To be fair though,the Argies shit themselves when they think one of the Royal Navy’s subs is around. Their last encounter with one didn’t end well for them. I mean come on, the U fucking N. An organisation filled with more shite than a blocked toilet. Let’s face it. Even with the cuts those cunts in Westminster have put on the MOD, the Argies would find it easier to cop off with a nun than they would taking the Falklands. 1200 service personnel, most of whom are combat veterans. A high tech air defence system, four Typhoons (one of the world’s most advanced fighters) HMS Dauntless and whichever sub is prowling the waters. Not to mention HRH William ‘The Conqueror’ Wales. I love that, only the fucking Argies could an insult into a cool nickname. Who is the non idigenous population are descended from? Oh yes, that’s right. The MOTHERFUCKING CONQUISTADORS. Anyway, I fully support the cunting of El Chupacabra Kirchner.

  3. Sad old cunt has probably clocked on to the idea that having lost most of our armed capability Camerons only option in the event of an Argie invasion would be to nuke the cunts, anything to save face eh Dave.

  4. Note of course, I know we have great deposits of oil in the Falklands territorial waters and down towards South Georgia.Does this fuckpig looking muppet think we are all thick. Before she gets involved with our Falklands, she the scraggy fucker, should clean up her own country, I have been there and it is like a fucking war zone, cuntish muggers and cocksucking pickpockets, all over the place. What going to the UN, what a cunt! If those arsewipes had any common sense in the UN, they should send in UN troops to clean up that unruly shithole,the only thing going for Argentina is the Tango and the beef. However, she has more beef flaps round her snatch than a Frey Bentos cattle ranch!

  5. Forget anything else I might have said about anyone to date on this site. This woman is the biggest twat-bitch of our time. I despair of brit politics coz we’ve got Dave the toff and Millibean, but then I see this cunt bubble and realise we haven’t got it so bad after all! I keep expecting the Argies to realise what a cunt they’ve saddled themselves with, but they never seem to twig.

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