Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy is an ungrateful French Cunt who spends his day sucking German Cock whilst telling his country’s liberators, the Brits, to Fuck Off. Today on armistice day we remembered those who were killed liberating his county TWICE from German occupation. Does he remember, does he give a fuck?

No he is too busy setting up a new Vichy Government for the Fourth Reich run by Angela Mengle/Merkel.

What a waste of British blood to allow a cunt like him to exist.

Nominated by peter

13 thoughts on “Nicolas Sarkozy

  1. That pin-stripped cunt spastic is a dead duck at the next election, the French economy will tank before then, losing their AAA status will see to that.

    It’ll be about that time these cunters will be looking for a sixth republic, fuckkers!

  2. from HurlingDervish

    Words can’t really express the bile and vitriol I feel towards this cowardly pint sized little erect sheep’s penis.
    This cunt has the audacity to fuck us off over the fucking kaisers, after we fucking saved them from a lifetime of slavery with our ancestors blood sweat and tears!!
    What the fuck???
    Cunting snail gorging fromage wanking flyblown and pockmarked testicular growth, garlic breathing rancid diddyman.
    Sarko, you are a traitorous cunticle of the highest order.
    Now fuck off and never ever darken my door again.

  3. Hurl – brlliiant cunting comment and I Luv cuntstable’s comment … “good cunting” love it

  4. il est a ferkin petit cunt ,if there was a school for cunts and they had cunt exams he’d come last cos that’s what a cunt he is the little german cunt

  5. God I hate the fucking French. Why oh why did we bother liberating their ungrateful country. If I had a time machine I would show Churchill what that cunt was doing now with the Germans and tell him not to bother with d-day. Whats the worst that could have happened, the Germans get France wholesale in 1945 with weapons rather than 2011 by a spineless cunt Sarkozy sucking on old Merkel tits. CUNT

  6. Sarkozy is a dwarf monghumping cunt of the first order. His head is so far up Merkels arse he can see the Lib Dems! Fucking frog wankstain

  7. I found this by googling ‘sarcozy is a cunt’. Looks like lots of people aggree. He is a MASSIVE cunt.

  8. I live in France where 75% of people get paid a good % of their salary “On the Black” Double standards. Sarkozy is indeed a cunt and his slag has got more mileage on her than the space shuttles combined!

    I agree with all the comments here, should have left the cunts alone in 45 and he would be speaking German.

    The French are a greedy bunch of lazy cunts! Shit food, shit people in fact fuck it! I am moving back to the UK where we dont have brown tongue collaborators!

    Sarkozy, your a cunt! and your wife loves it up the Gary Glitter (just ask Jagger) as he and plenty of people have had a go on her lol

  9. I found this site as I hate Sarkozy and what do I find, ignorant racist hatred. I love the UK, you go to jail if you say anything against anyone apart from one set of people: the French. And usually those who hate France haven’t got a clue about France. I see ‘shit food’ somewhere…..that’s a joke isn’t it.

  10. Bonita Friedland of Lake Forest, Illinois adores French kissing, but hates everything else French, including Sarkozy. Bonita Friedland is Italian and says the Italian hate the French. I think Bonita Friedland is just a jealous Italian broad who can’t stand French women because they are so beautiful.

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