2 thoughts on “Internet Explorer

  1. In over 20 years working as a contractor in IT testing, there is only one contract I ever asked to be released from – Microsoft!

    I had a six month deal but walked away after 9 days.

    In the programmers’ office at ‘Microsoft Campus’ – a cunt of a poncy name if ever there as one – was a sign printed out on listing paper in twelve inch tall red letters which read “Remember – the future of the world is in your hands today”.

    One night someone wrote underneath “We’re fucked then!” – and no it wasn’t me, butyou should have seen the witch hunt!

    Definitely humourless, untalented, pretentious cunts. And their software is shite. I left because they didn’t like me telling them there were defects in it. Apparently these were ‘undocumented features’

    Absolutely. Cunts!!

  2. I don’t understand why Microsoft don’t end up in Court as co-defendants every time some paedo cunt gets done for kiddie porn claiming that he “only looked at the pictures” not realising that Microsofts Windows automatically downloads everything as Temporary Internet Files, even the shit that he hadn’t scrolled down to before he cummed, the cunt.

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