Brodie Clark [2]

Brodie Clark, what an untrustworthy,incompetent, sly, Vulcan eared, pointy chinned Cunt of the first order.

Lets all the shit of the Universe into the UK but its not his fault. Remember the Whitemoor Prison Inquiry where you could not tell the truth?

You lying bastard, lets hope you get royally butt fucked this time. Fucking Cunt.

Nominated by Carole Upshall

6 thoughts on “Brodie Clark [2]

  1. Immigration will only be properly sorted by a far right party in this country, what’s so bad about this, is this any better – from a “centrist” party!

    Fucking cunts!

  2. This slimy Cunt should have been fucked off eons ago after his first major screw up. Amazing how Senior civil servants manage to get promoted for fucking things up.
    “Constructive Dismissal” Fuck off Brodie, you were a sad wanker who got caught.

  3. The public services are full of incompetent cunts who have climbed the greasy pole on the back of a number of “get to fuck” promotions.
    And while Im here can I nominate this site as its a right proper cunt to load on an i pad !

  4. Not everyone knows this but he was the silver medalist in the World Pig Wanking Championships 1959. Still a right fucking cunt tho.

  5. Also won 1960 BBC “Pig Wanker” of the year award beating Bruce Forsyth by a couple of tugs. Co-Editor of the Pig Wanker Gazette for a time as well; Cunt.

  6. Bruce Forsyth is a piggy-eyed cunt and his wife is well nearly a (Wilnelia) white woman…

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