School Run Parents

School run parents are all selfish cunts. Why can’t they let their precious little cunt-lets walk to fucking school. Children still have legs! These selfish cunt parents profess to live a green lifestyle with recycling, eco bulbs etc, but then emit twelve and a half tonnes of CO2 driving their spoilt brats 400 yrds to school in their chelsea cunting tractor. Get out of my fucking way cunts, I’m trying to get to fucking work.

Nominated by Peter

4 thoughts on “School Run Parents

  1. Good cunting Peter; we all know that these spoilt cunts could just as easily use their Fiat Uno but choose to clogg up OUR fucking streets with their SUVs just to show off to each other, the cunts.
    I make a point of never giving way to them on crowded roads and as for reversing, fucking forget it!

    As for their walkless children = Cunts In Waiting.

  2. I have to admit that there is a competition between the school run mums but if you really believe the CO2 hyped up government bullshit then you are a bigger C@nt than all of them put together.

  3. Ah! I do the school run. Because the local school is run by cunts for cuntlets. There must be a degree of cuntitude then. Honest. I am only trying to avoid twat bastard, arsehole cunt slobbering shithouse wankers with pus filled piles when I drive to school.

  4. School-run parents are the epitome of selfish cuntery. They’re totally detached from everything else outside their little self appointed organised parenting-planet and commonsense is an alien concept to them. Ask them to move out the way and they look through you like a terrier with rabies.

    Trying to get through town when the hated “run” is in full fire would test the patience of a confirmed saint. School Run parents have that sort of faraway look in their faces which comes from too much wanking and fingering over Good Parenting magazines. Usually the blokes are either power-suited in-a-rush “get your bags and fuck off” types in dark grey BMW’s or some bearded hipster manbun jedi-worshipping cunt who stands there in the middle of the road talking total bollocks about Big Brother, alternative religion or some other banal shit when people are trying to get past. All I’m doing is trying to get through cunting town…I’m not going on a quest for fire?

    Usually the women are way too busy watching what little angel Daniella or Tarquin are doing than actually looking at the road in front of them. The standard issue Disney animated shit or their first horse-riding lesson is usually being piped-out from the back of the headrests like a long-haul flight. Watching them fighting over the best parking spaces is similar to watching the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan. What’s next? Fucking duelling flintlocks in the reception-class carpark? Common courtesy doesn’t exist with cunts like that. They believe the world is powered by fairydust and unicorn piss.

    Usually it’s all the standard issue cock-measuring SUV’s and Porsche Cayenne’s that clog up the roads and wank everyone else off. School runners….cunt out and go somewhere else…off the planet if possible. Having a kid doesn’t make you special…it makes you an annoying fucking sponge on society. The self-entitlement from these pricks is unreal. I’m not a parent thank cunt.

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