Julia Gillard

Julia Cunting Gillard and Bob (I prefer boys bottoms) Brown are turning Oz into a cunt-forsaken place. Un-elected, unpopular and a cunt full of carbon tax. Could someone please return this cunt to sender…Wales that is. The UK is fucked so they send us this red-headed cunt to fuck up the convicts.. Please piss this cunt off.

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14 thoughts on “Julia Gillard

  1. Definately one snake of a cunt. Bout time we get rid of this cunt and have some one we chose

  2. WTF ? Cunts are useful and clearly Gillard is about as useful as a cunt full of cold water. Fuckin lying bubble-arsed needle nosed corgi rooting slag.

  3. I wanna slap this fucking slut stupid. She is a fucking lying mongrel pommie bitch cunt and karma is gonna get her …. along with that fucking queer brown

  4. Boy what can you say about his cunt Gillard, what a lying sack of shite, its well knowen that she is regulary sodemized by bob brown with an oversized dildo, as his cock has never worked, what a fat arsed cunt, i am sure that tim also roots bob brown whilst sarah hanso young laps out the red haired bitch.

  5. Why would she be so hell bent on political suicide by fucking the country so much??? And leaving her party in the political wilderness for the next 20 yrears? It just doesn’t make sense. Something fishy is going on. Usually labor does everything it can to buy votes and popularism. There’s an ulterior motive from higher up the world govt i think.

  6. What a sly fucking lying slut that is fucking this country along with plibersek and the green commos.Oakshots days are numbered.

  7. damm right she is a cunt. A filthy lying red headed freckled pasty faced cunt. The whole putrid Labor Party reeks of self serving cunts who don’t give a fuck about any of us. The cunt is only interested in those other cunts, the country shopping refugee cunts. all cunts and anyone who voted for the cunt is also a cunt

  8. I hope the fucking slut, cunt, bitch, slag, whore gets to read this. I hate your mongrel fucking guts you dirty fat arsed pointy nosaed slut.

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