Jack Straw [5]

Jack Straw is a CUNT who said that the Euro is unworkable and we should not send any bail-out money etc etc…

But the cunt was on the Front Bench for all the New Lab years.

Dont remember the cunt speaking out then when he was getting invited to cunting cocktail parties in Paris and Brussels……What a cunt

Nominated by Sid

5 thoughts on “Jack Straw [5]

  1. And let’s not forget Straw’s appearance on the special ‘kangaroo court’ edition of Question Time, where he was slapped down by Nick Griffin when Nick told him that whereas his father had serviced Spitfire radios during WW2, Straw’s was in prison for refusing to fight the Nazis. As one of Jack Straw’s great grandfathers was a German Jewish immigrant it’s a good job that SOMEONE was prepared to contribute towards the war effort rather than objecting to fighting the Nazis on ‘moral’ grounds. Conscientious- objecting cunt!

  2. @Capt. Haddock “like father..like son”, Jack the cunt is the father of drug dealing criminals.

  3. Jack the “I’m an Englishman” Straw looked the cunt of all cunts made to look a bigger cunt than Griffin by Griffin, that took some doing.

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