Catherine Zeta Jones [2]

Catherine Zeta Jones Douglas is a miserable moaning super cunt who is only happy when she’s filling our ears with minding numbing bollocks about how fucking rich she is and how a million is fuck all to her, the total bitch whore of a cunt

Nominated by Anonymous*

Oi, you cunt. Pay attention to Rule#1
A chance to post some totty was the only reason this got through
Next time make up a name or something.

2 thoughts on “Catherine Zeta Jones [2]

  1. From Ashtrayhead:-

    I’ll tell you who are a whole bunch of cunts! Spanish footballers, or should I say footballers in Spain, trophy dropping, silly haired, namby-pamby roll about on the floor, diving cunts. And the team managers, especially that Jose ‘I’m a picked on victim’ Mourhino. But he’s a Portugese cunt. Still a massive cunt though.

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