4 thoughts on “Phillip Hughes

  1. Not denying any cuntitude but some dude was on the wireless stating that the variance in cuntitude between a fielder catching (or not in this case) and a batsman who fucking knows he hit it and yet plays the ‘it was me pad guv’nor card does exhibit significant double standards and disparity. Fair point I thought.

    We’ve been raised to think of the batsman as wily and worthy of the blag yet fielders as cunts. Hmm.

  2. I can see that point Dick, but the spirit of the game has it that you walk if you’ve nicked it and you celebrate only if you’ve caught it.

    A cheating cunt is a cheating cunt. If someone wants to do that, fuck off and play football instead.

  3. Banks are all greedy, slimy, evil cunts that have cunted all of us with their cunting bullshit.

    They are International cunts.

    Even Al Qaeda is not as cunty as these money cunts. Bin Laden has the cunting moral high ground. Now that’s what I call cunty.

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