9 thoughts on “Tim Ireland [4]

  1. I’ve been to what seems to be a website and I have no fucking idea what he is going on about, what he is trying to say, what he is complaining about or what he is trying to do.
    Looks like an obsessive loon to me

  2. I think I’ve just read some of his blog.
    When I say that, I mean that I looked at what I thought was an endless stream of source code and realised it should be a blog?
    Don’t know.
    But it was shit.
    Have a nice day y’all!

  3. Well, let us expand this most important cunting to include some others.

    Justin McKeating (Chicken Yoghurt) is a chew on anything Labour cock while pretending not to cunt.

  4. You’re going to run out of pictures of Timothy at this rate, Gotty. Maybe I should let him off for a week or two.

    But then again, perhaps not. Cunting him is too much fun not to do.

  5. Anyway, I’d like to say that the British Bankers’ Association are a bunch of defending-the-indefensible cunts. Please cunt them forthwith.

    Oh, and I nominate Tim Ireland again – just for the hell of it.

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