22 thoughts on “Fiona Phillips [2]

  1. I am a moaning fuckwit and I nominate the porn uni-ped: Heather Mills because she didn’t have a leg to stand on when Macca refused to buy her a new leg for Xmas as a bit of a stocking filler. She is really just a CUNT.

  2. Agreed! Heather Mills really is a cunty amputated cunt par excellence! Even losing a leg didnt make her any less of a CUNT!

  3. fiona and her fuckin column in the daily rag…full of her making herself out to be a A list celeb….but really just a rapidly approaching death old cunt…whos got a good set of tits to jizz on
    plus an arse to split and bleed

  4. CUNT,CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, but her tits need a good spunking on, She”s fucked some tv producers in her time, to get work ! Oh n that fat usless co presenter Eamon holmes, another useless fat cunt !!! She were shagging him behind his missus”s back, pair of CUNTS !!!!

  5. She can suck my knob anytime and let me giz on them massive mammories mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. Spunker and like minded commenters are a bunch of pervy, schoolboy smut sleazebag cunts who dont understand the ethos of cunting and should confine themselves to websites that cater for their depravity. The cunts.

  7. Spunker is indeed a Cunt, after all only a cunt would spell “Jizz” as “Giz” Thick Cunt.

  8. From HurlingDervish
    Personally I wouldn’t fucking touch her with yours, she’s an honorary knight of the garter of cunts, especially since that old man of hers, the ugly fucking crown prince of cunted cunts Martin Frizell (Frizell? what kind of a cunts fucking surname is that for cunts sake?) has been up there. Ugh. Cunt.

  9. Might be a cunt on tv , but she can suck ny 9″ prick while I am playing with her massive fucking tits .

  10. Would like to give the cunt one up the arse while whoreing fuckbag is licking Penny Smiths gapeing cunt.

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