14 thoughts on “Vuvuzela Horns

  1. BBC not allowed to use red button to fade out Vuvuzela Horn racket ‘coz it disses our culture’ claims horns inventor, Freddie Maake, 55 who deserves a good cunting himself.

    “This World Cup is in Africa and people should embrace it for what it is. That means learning to love the vuvuzela, so they can feel part of what life here is about. The people at home would miss an important part of the World Cup without that noise.”

    Coming to a ground near you, cost about £2.00, amazon report surge of interest.

  2. The Milibands, Andy Burnham and Ed Balls are all middle class, honkey cunts; vote for me, the only person of woman and colour.

  3. Can i nominate Jo Brand for the cunt award please, thank you ever so much…….Donna

  4. Oh sorry my reasons for nominating Jo Brand for the cunt award are in no particular order, because she has a foul fucking mouth, she’s fat, ugly and she’s not funny….Donna

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