18 thoughts on “Andy Murray [3]

  1. Like I always said, Rooney would do us proud against TransCarparthian Ruthenia or Slovakia/Slovenia wotever its’ called these days, won so fuck of cunt,yeah.

  2. emil (urko) Heskey! Press the pause button and then the useless cunt starts playing with the other useless cunts

  3. Vera fucking Baird …

    The “Disqualification is for little people, I’m far too important .. I have things of national magnitude to do .. and if you disqualify me, I’ll make sure it costs the taxpayer money .. And just in case I can’t intimidate you, I also have a sob-story lined up ready & waiting” bitch …

    Of her constituents she said .. “They didn’t expect me to be beaten .. and frankly, neither did I” ..

    Arrogant, useless and obviously dim fucker .. If she couldn’t see the writing on the wall, the rest of us could .. Promoted well beyond her abilities ..

    Now then you arrogant, fucking ugly old crow .. Piss off, or you’ll miss your Bus … Ha ha ha …

  4. Sorry, but Diane has done it again :

    “Diane Abbott is taxi riding, racist, nuclear disarming, squirming on the sofa, eye rolling whenever she tells a lie, not answering questions, Andrew Neil hating cunt”

    I think that covers it!!

  5. Dioclese ..

    You forgot to mention that she’s also Fat, Ugly & has ideas well above her station ..

  6. I felt sure he was on here, but —

    Prince Charles is a jugged eared, aldulterous, nauseating, tree hugging, interfering, Qatari loving, please-God-not-King-fucking-Charles-III cunt

    …and I fucking hate him!

  7. Events today have prompted me to nominate yet again!!

    People who serve on committees are self agrandising, witless, financially immature, arrogant, power mad cunts

  8. Dioclese
    Can you give us a clue as to which committee?
    Be better than generalising the cunts 😉

    I’m seconding that talentless, fat cunt Corden 😉

  9. @GOT, might he be referring to that anti-technology-embracing bunch of luddite cunts, aka FIFA?

  10. Andy Murray is a total CUNT. Has he seen those stupid faces he pulls? He looks like Shaggy out of Scooby-Doo I am a Tennis Poo! Every Wimbledon I pray for him to be knocked out early so I can concentrate on real players – and that CUNT of a mother who watches her little twat – hard faced cow bag.

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