2 thoughts on “Oprah Winfrey [2]

  1. She is a fucking CUNT

    She recently apparently gave everyone in the audience a free trip to Australia

    turns out the stupid CUNT didnt give the audience the free trip, but it was arranged by the Australian Tourist Board

    So she is a FUCKING CUNT.

  2. god i hate this race baiting cunt, she likes to remind the black community about “raycissm” and ‘slavery’ even though it happened 150 years ago , and 8 % of americans had slaves and all of them were usually politicians or CEOs, but according to oprah all whites are racist and all americans had slaves because fuck facts when you have a team of race baiting jews by your side, remember everyone according to oprah only whites are and can be racist , and also remember michael brown and trayvon died because white cops are racist not because they stole shit and ran away and when confronted said “we almost at ourz destination yo so fuck off pig” , the media is a bunch of race baiting cunts thanks obama now go play your millionth round of golf while the world spins out of control into chaos and your muslim friends become a bigger threat just give ISIS more money you dumb cunt

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