7 thoughts on “Jonathon Porritt

  1. incredible new array of cuntings.
    biggest i’ve ever seen on here, i think.
    good show!

  2. Jonathan Porritt was on the BBC the other day claiming in the wake of Climategate ” We have always acknowledged that there are serious scientists out there who have contrary opinions and I respect those opinions”.
    Lieing fucking cunt. He, like all warmists have, until recently, been claiming that ” the science is settled ” and that anyone who disagrees is either unqualified ( ie not been ‘peer reviewed’ by Phil Jones’ claque ) or a lunatic.

  3. One who slipped under the MPs’ expenses cunting radar – I nominate Tam Dalyell as a ranting, demented, Argie-loving, all four feet in the trough cunt. I hope the mad old fucker develops terminal haemorrhoids.

  4. Well cunted Mr Tweed. I hope the raddled auld cunt that is Tam Dalyell falls backwards onto his £18,000 bookcase and gets a humungous splinter up his arse. The splinter, being so close to his alleged brain, would hopefully cause some sort of terminal thing and kill off the greedy cunt. Either that or the fucking bookcase topples over and kills the cunt outright.

  5. Sorry, I forgot to add: I hope that pine tree Jonacunt Porridge is holding somehow ends up his fucking arse and he dies of a prolonged toxic disease.

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