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  1. We have all read what we need to know about this sorry cunt Prof Phil Jones. He has been responsible for the most damning e-mails and other data recently revealed by Climategate to the huge embarassment of the Warmist Crowd.
    He had previously made himself their High Priest; he decided who got funds, who was ‘appropriate’, who was allowed to be ‘peer reviewed’ and who got their living entrails torn out and cast asunder (viz David Bellamy ).
    Did the cunt do this without creating enemies, both within or without his own sealed & self selecting Warmist Community ?

    Of course not; he will have created enemies by the bucketload and soon they will strike from within.

    When the dagger falls it will truly be an ” Et Tu Brute, et Cunnilus ” moment.

  2. I fear that the GW/CC scam will end the same way that the search for WMDs did. That is, that there was a scam, people got hurt, money was made but nobody did it.
    Perhaps just seeing it end will be enough.

    I would now like to nominate Ted Heath and Harold Wilson for everything concerned with the Common Market, European Economic Community, European Union or the money burning pit of un-accountable, troughing bastards – depending on your point of view.

  3. me too headsonpoles these pair of deceitful bastards pulled the carpet from underneath my mother & fathers feet?
    and i´d like to nominate

  4. The research director at the centre of a row over climate change data said he would stand down from the post while there is an independent review.

    Professor Phil Jones, director of the Norwich-based University of East Anglia’s (UEA) Climatic Research Unit (CRU), has said he stands by his data.


    I bet the cunt still gets full pay while doing fuckall, they always do. And then after the enquiry exonerates him, it’ll be back to business as usual.

    Shower of conniving cunts.

  5. Phil Jones currently riding high as the most cunted cunt here on …isacunt.blogspot !
    15 cuntings, outcunting Michael fucking Wanker who has a measly 11 to his shit name.
    Congratulations one and all.

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