9 thoughts on “Act On Co2 Carbon Calculator

  1. Who takes this fucking shite seriously? I suppose it’s chattering class cunts with fuck all better to do.

  2. http://actonco2.direct.gov.uk

    “Reduce your CO2 emissions Install draught excluders.
    Install draught excluders where there are gaps and you could save around £20 per year.”
    Haven’t these cunts heard of a bit of fresh air ?

    “You searched for
    Climate change bollox
    Did you mean climate change follow?
    No, I meant climate change bollox, cunts.

  3. Dear Mr Banned.

    Your comment has caused me laugh to the point I wet myself. Thank you so much. My day is now much brighter (if damper).

    Highest regards,

    B. Pugh.

  4. Banned, it is the fitting of draught excluders, double glazing etc. that has contributed to the increase in the number of people getting cancer owing to naturally ocurring, ground based radon – it can no longer escape from your house.

  5. LoL @banned,
    that search facility is a great toy.

    fuck of you cunts = luck off you counts

  6. dontmakemelarf; yup, hours of fun for all the family

    You searched for:
    “hide the decline”
    Did you mean ‘hire the decide’?
    No, WTF does hire the decide mean? cunts.

  7. i haven’t tried it.. but presumably ‘cunt off, you cunting AGW cunts’
    would be shat out as
    ‘count off, you counting AGW counts’

    the first makes for perfect reading in any language, but the other is just fucking nonsense.

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