15 thoughts on “Bono

  1. OH YES.Bono is a real cunt for sure.I wonder if he sleeps in his shades.He’s never got them off his fucking head.Perhaps he’s actually blind.That would explain why he popped up at the Tory party conference last week….
    And Houdini,I totally agree with what you say about Mandella.He’s afucking MURDERER for fucks sake,and he’s treated like a God.It’s all fucked up.

  2. got to agree on this one bongo is a cunt amongst cunts,wheres that other self serving cunt geldof…

  3. As Old Holborn said Jenny “I’m not funny, I’m just loud in a whacky middle class way” Eclair. She is so in need of being called a patronising salt warning cunt.

  4. And another thing!

    That Zoe Ball.

    A loud-mouthed ladette, who badly influenced a whole generation of young wimmin to become loud-mouthed ladettes, and who is solely responsible for the unedifying sight of wimmin pissing, shitting and vomiting in public is now a member of the establishment, playing records and shouting total bollocks on Radio fucking 2. The cunt.

  5. …and while we’re on a roll.

    That racist, bad-losing, snowman-singing, holier-than-all-of-you, me and my family we’re so great, all over the radio like a fucking virus I am, look you, isn’t it?

    Who? That cunt of cymru cunts, Aled Jones.

    That’s who.

    The cunt.

  6. I’d like to nominate Sir Tim Berners-Lee for the forward slashes at the beginning of internet addresses, which he has now said were unnecessary. The useless cunt.

    Also, he invented a thing which steals huge quantities of my time and makes my wife want to divorce/kill me.

  7. But, Gigits, he invented the easiest way to distribute massive amounts of pornography and ripped movies. That has to count in his favour, surely?

    Anyway, Al Bore invented teh interweb as any fule kno.

  8. I second Tim Berners Lee for a cunting having also heard that the “//:” is all bollox but it’s too late now, what a piss taking cunt.

  9. Bono is the cunt of cunts. An unbearable, thick as shite, pretentious, self-righteous, ridiculous looking knobhead. Commands us to “end poverty” but moves his business to the Netherlands to avoid tax.

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