12 thoughts on “Sugababes

  1. Nu-Sugababes ( Not The Real Sugababes )” surely ?
    Cunts anyway, the lot of them.

    I nominate the HR Director of Tesco PLC for hiring thick cunts who can’t do ” adding up in my head “.


    The Sales Director of WH Smith & Son for ripping-off nicotine impoverished customers at their British Rail based branches.

    I had thought of exposing each of these cunts as a Grumpy Old Twatism but, on reflection, feel them more suited to this forum.

  2. WH Smith tobacco prices are ridiculously high in ALL of their stores, Banned.

    How Smith’s hasn’t gone bust, I don’t know. Everything they sell (apart from newspapers) can be bought much more cheaply elsewhere.

    Mind you, they’ve got most of the Post Offices in store now…

  3. Don’t know what you pay in the UK for cigs nowadays but I bet its more than the Ā£1.10 a packet it is in Gib. That goes up to Ā£1.70 if you buy them in a pub…profiteering cunts.

    And that is the joy of low taxation.

  4. Don’t rub it in, mate!

    I was recently in Spain and a 50g pack of Golden Virginian was 5 Euros, it’s about Ā£13 here.

    Luckily, I brought back a kilo of it…

  5. All Seeing Eye said “Spotted: our own ‘The Grim Reaper’ clearly nominating Digby Jones as a cunt over on ToryBear. Doesn’t count unless it’s here though.”

    Mr Reaper is a shameless whore who goes anywhere in the blogosphere he likes. Although I’m not always this foul-mouthed. I have to behave myself whenever commenting on anything Iain Dale writes on his blog, for instance. The C-word is an absolute “no no” over there – and that word isn’t conservative!

    To make it official, I nominate Lord Digby Jones to be cunted. Why? Several reasons, but here’s one. When he left the government, he pointed out there were countless civil servants who were employed to do bugger all. Yet he didn’t do anything about it when he had the chance to. For that, he is a cunt who has wasted taxpayers money.

    He’s also the fat hypocrite who used to run the Confederation of Business and Industry, (CBI) who are also a collective of cunts.

  6. TheEye also cuts his cloth according to where he is commenting – it’s only polite. The ASE blog, after all, is a family friendly one.

    None of which stops DJ being a cunt, and so he is duly cunted.

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