16 thoughts on “Alan Duncan

  1. GOT: Dare you cunt, Guido, as Houdini asks?

    I must admit that I rarely visit his blog now. Since his great revelation, his blog has been overrun with total wankers – especially that FIRST business on new posts – drives me mad.

  2. I’m finding it hard to cunt Alan Duncan since essentially he is correct in disclosing that few with any real talent for piggishness will wish to enter Parliament in the near future leaving it open to the deluded and foolish self-publicists willing to serve for next-to-nothing. I’ll give him 7/20 for allowing himself to be caught on micro-camera though.

    I nominate Arlene Phillips for allowing herslf to become Labours Dancing Tsar/Tsarina/Tart/Slag/Cunt.

  3. Fuck the fucking fuck off Alun Duncan you useless left-wing un-fucking-elected Liebore socialist cunt, along with the rest of your fucking useless Labour wankers. You have fucked our country up enough and can suffer you no fucking longer!

  4. Gigits, I rarely if ever go there anymore as it has become sanitised…how dare we make comments in the language that made the fuckers blog what it is. Besides you’d be lucky if he posted more than a thread or two a day, so why bother.

    He has sold his blog out to the establishment, and did as soon as uber cunt Draper called him a racist…he got all scared and scurried away to suck on establishment cock. He has gotten used to the attention and doesn’t want to jeopardise it by allowing comments and comments in by those who made the cunt what he is today.

    I’m disappointed and think he is indeed a sanitised and establishment cock sucking cunt. That being said I don’t really expect GOT to allow him to be cunted if he doesn’t want to as this is just my opinion, having haunted OrderOrder from near the start.

  5. Houdini: I think GOT should cunt Guido. He has sold out in all the ways that you describe.

    I wouldn’t even attempt to link-whore at Guido’s place now. I have a little bit of respect 😉

  6. Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi is a cunt. Not sure if it should be murderous cunt or dying cunt.

  7. Right then, just so we know where we stand. . .

    I won’t be cunting Paul Staines and it isn’t because I don’t have the balls either. (check the cunted archive of cuntees). At this moment in time, I simply don’t want to.

    @Anon 23.10
    Dickwad Duncan is a Conservative cunt,
    you cunt!

  8. winston,
    youre amongst friends here now.
    Let your hair down and spell it out loud…

  9. I see the troughing poofy cunt Alan Duncan has been exonerated by Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards John Lyon who has said, “Mr Duncan acted reasonably and fully within the rules of the House at the time”.

    So that’s OK then, he was well within his rights to take out a new mortgage on a house he owned outright, to claim interest payments which we have had to pay for.

    The mind boggles.

  10. Bruce Forsyth is a decrepit, shuffling, unfunny, limelight-grabbing, jutting-chinned, Tess fondling cunt who steals everyone’s air. Retire for ever you cunt!

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