17 thoughts on “Russell Brand

  1. This despicable cunt sucked at the TV taxpayers teat for too long before being cast into the abyss.

    Fuck him, the degenerate cunt!

  2. Gerontophobic cunt.

    7/10 on the cuntometer for this one. Luckily I’ve never watched him or I’d slap him down with an 8!

  3. @Rab…..I hate that unfunny prick. Him and Ricky Gervais. well said – these cunts are so unfunny – it is beyond belief – that fat cunt Gervais in particular – still relies on that crap office shitty comedy a while ago – was it funny ? fuck my arse was it

  4. From HurlingDervish.
    My ‘booky wook’? I want to take your fuckin’ book and beat you round the fuckin’ cunty ‘heady head’ with it. You long haired draft dodging faggot cunt.

  5. from arrymonk…brand,a nauseating mockney cunt,looks like a set of golf irons slung against a magnetised wall,along with his floppy haired fat fuck of a boyfriend ross make a right win double of cunts..get back on the smacky wack and fill your fucking boots you praying mantis lookalike cunt..

  6. From HurlingDervish

    Actually, just stay in America you fucking talentless wanker. Let the good ‘ol US of A have you, they won’t put up with your lame shit for long, and by then hopefully you’ll be dead from a cunting overdose.
    And you can take that utter, utter fat cunt Ross with you please.

  7. Fuck me where to begin. Brand is a of the highest Cunt caliber!

    All i can say is CUNT CUNT CUNT fuck off and die and rid the world of your faggot little ass.

    i am available for childrens parties :0)

  8. Of all the pseudonyms you could pick to use when posting comments on here…..isn’t Anders Brievik possibly the most suspect? Or are you actually Anders Brievik? In fact, don’t answer, I’m leaving this thread right about now

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