10 thoughts on “Rolf Harris

  1. sorry, i know this is a shrine to cunthood but Rolf is a legend, as to a much greater degree is Michael Jackson. If you really want me to add a cunt I’ll go for John Stapleton – the northern, smarmy, sanctimonious, Just for Men pigmented, know-all, holier-than-thou, smug cunting TWAT. Aaaaah, thank you……….

  2. rolf harris is a famous cunt but hey!? How many famous cunts do you know hey?

  3. what a cunt of a web site, I love it, just thought id google Rolf Harris is a cunt and low and behold I found this site built for letting us terll the world Rolf Harris is a CUINT, probably the biggest cunt we know at this time, lets hope he dies with a gerbil stuffed up hid arse, claws on, he is filth and not worthy of this world, so lets hope when he dies he goes to a real cunt of a place.

    • We have a few cunts like him in our town, when school holidays are on the cunt pedos hang in the shopping center, the cunts know how far they can go before stepping over the line, one cunt has been banned from westfield Penrith nsw for 5 years but hes allowed in other centers. there are lots of cunts who should be killed off like him

    • We try. After all, a cunt is a cunt…

      Sorry about the lack of picture but we had to move to a different domain and the older pictures got lost along the way.

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