8 thoughts on “Fred Goodwin

  1. Hold on, fuck me but it is!!

    Now…just think the film Deliverance and the duelling banjos scene…squint the eyes right down, and he IS the inbred cunt playing the banjo!!!


    Watch that and I’m fucking telling you that is Fred ‘My auntie is my grandads sisters fucking dads mum is my sister’ fucking Goodwin!!

  2. Fucking lovin’ your description of an inbred cunt.
    (this will now be stolen and used at my other place in the not too distant)

    A most excellent display of cuntishness on your part, if I might say so.

    Off to watch the vid . . .

  3. Houdini is right. There is a distinct resemblance to the little banjo playing weirdo in Deliverance.

    The said weirdo was actually a real kid – that wasn’t make up. The production crew found him in the mountains.

    Apparently, he’s still around now. Shagging his nieces and stuff.

  4. Binyam, the tortured compensation seeking cunt has already been nominated by Banned and was given a well deserved cunting a couple of weeks ago 😉

    Fuck me I’ve already been cunted once!
    I can’t argue with the reason for your second nomination though and so this cunt will be re-cunted forthwith 😉

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