6 thoughts on “David Blaine

  1. Brilliant link Gigits,saved that one.

    How to throw stuff at a cunt

    So far David Blaines has been pelted with eggs and come under fire from golf balls, as well as being subjected to just about every form of verbal abuse.

    And as if that were not enough, when the exhausted magician tried to get some sleep, they woke him by banging on a drum.

    His troubles began less than six hours after he started his ordeal when teenagers peppered his Plexiglass box with eggs before they were chased away by security guards.

    Two blondes had a marginally more refined technique: they bared their breasts and threw fish and chips to try to entice him down“.

    Could not happen to a nicer cunt, sadly I missed my chance

  2. Can’t beleive David I’m-a-cunt Blaine isn’t represented on here more. He’s got to be the most misguided prick on earth.

  3. Most people stop drawing eyes on their hands when they’re children. What is wrong with this pillock. Seriously deluded, but earning from other misguided idiots, probably yanks. King Cunt of Twatville.

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